Story about Ivana Bilich

Dreams come true….if you work for them

Just a girl with big dreams.  If I think like that, I am not ever going to be much more than that, and neither are you. We all have something to offer, and the world is waiting. The time for us women with vision started long ago, and its up to us to show everyone we are here to stay and slay.

I was born in Croatia and grew up in a single parent household, with a mother being a successful entrepreneur. Her hustle was a big inspiration and put a lot of both stress and motivation for me to live up to my own dreams. Back then, being a successful businesswoman was a rare thing, and it made her thick skinned and our upbringing oriented towards success. I was always very creative and interested in psychology, human behavior and later in college consumer decision making process making it my master’s thesis.  Although I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur it was a hard decision and at the age of 21  I opened a company and decided I wanted to give it a shot, as a college buyer behavior project, 8 to 4 pm work,5 to 9 classes. It was a bridal shop, and I was the one and only employee, studying myself and others in the process not even imagining it would have been a thriving business one day.  Why? Because at that time, I thought I would make my career in someone else’s company, at least for a period.

NYC here I come

A year passed and I had satisfied clients giving recommendations and that brought more clients. I went to NYC to analyse how market leaders over there provide high level service, travelled and spent time in Istanbul gaining my first textile partners and outsourced production of wedding dresses according to my design. 11 years later, I own one of the biggest wedding dress brands in this part of Europe, our atelier and production is on over 400m2, my designs bring brides from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Israel and all over the world for their custom wedding dress design production. We produce in house, I travel to most exotic places to bring new trims, laces, embroidery and materials to my clients, having partners from India, Korea, Dubai, Italy and Turkey because I want my clients to have the best. My baby Royal Bride is a success. We are a young and ambitious team of beautiful people who share my vision, and my goal is to give high level service, with outstanding design and quality, but most of all for my employees to have a respectful place of work where they feel cherished because mostly I hire women. And I value women. Last year we opened a franchising option and since than have set up an Austria and Germany franchise, and are in final stages of making an UAE franchise.

Ready, steady, GO

Not one person thought it was a good idea and that I would make it, but I did. Writing 11 years in few rows is funny, the times that pass through my head writing it, that were so hard, uncertain, the decisions that would either make or brake you, the little victories and big setbacks…..but I kept pushing. After a situation I did not see coming, I would give myself a day to mourn. The next I would say to myself ok now that is done, what are your options what do you want, set the course and go.

14 years later

I had the privilege that over 6000 brides choose my dress for the most important day in their life, now Ivana Bilich Fashion incorporates all that I have learned from making the most complicated dresses and knowing various types of women’s bodies. We know how to hide imperfections and what to show off, making you feel comfortable and proud. And we only produce high quality by our European standards. IBF is a brand that will celebrate you every day. When you are stepping into the office, having a big meeting, meeting new people, we all want to be taken seriously when representing ourselves. Your outfit should speak your personality and what you are made of. We make power suits, accessories and dresses for all of you strong women who never give up, who hustle, who have faith, independence and vision. They say a suit makes a man, well ain’t no body rocking a suit better than a Boss Lady.


The team


Salon manager

She is petite,fierce and holds our fort together. Nothing ever passes her by. This strong businessbabe also answers all of your online questions and is at your disposal for whatever you need to know.


master stylist

We are a strong women’s collective and our biggest supporter is our college Mario. Between 14 women, he knows everything there is to know about women and fashion, our desires and what makes us happy, he is at your disposal at our main atelier ready to help and style away.


Master stylist

Marina is a strong mamasita, mother of 3, who can do about anything. Nothing is ever a problem and she loves to spend time with our clients and helping you choose your best outfit. Spending time with her is fun and effortless.


Master stylist

This woman can do it all, she is a source of great energy and a problem solver. Ivanas right hand woman, who has been with her from day 1, for almost 11 years now. This businessbabe is an inspiration everyday ,because no matter what or who needs fixing she does it with a smile.

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